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By | May 11, 2012

Now transparent objects in interior design is not a new concept. Kartell for example, has made a huge impact on the design world from the 1950s with multi-coloured clear plastic design objects including infamous pieces like Philippe Starke’s Ghost Chair and Ferruccio Laviani’s Take Lamp that were part of a resurgence around the year 2000.

What can be more intriguing is transparency used to ‘frame’ or ‘house’ another object. We’ve collated some examples of glass and acrylic design objects that, while lovely in themselves, also highlight the beauty of the objects within.

The stunning and quirky ‘Curiosity Object’ by Gaëlle Gabillet Stéphane Villard breathes new life into the common display cabinet:

Some further examples of lights used to display objects, including the ‘Favourite Things’ lamp by Chen Karlsson (at left).

We love these gorgeous glass display boxes and table perfect for showing off your own precious treasures:

These designs take a twist on the traditional glass bottle/vase/bell display, including the ‘Cylinder Vase’ available from Danish Modern, the adorable ‘Mosser’ on Etsy, and the ‘Milk Bottle Carafe’ from Three Potato Four.

This stylish work station is clear and crisp, while these jars have made a simple but effective DIY photo display:

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